Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Well, we are getting near to the begining of our new journey.

There are a lot of things I would like to complain about, but I realize it could have been worse, I know that because I had a talk with God this morning and he made me aware of my blessings like the fact that K1 survived his dual surgeries and doing okay, K2 was not hospitalized because of his very high cholesterol(it was beyond the pale as the old folks say), Jewel was able to have her birthday sleep over, I was able to have my dental work done without having too much oral pain and Ashaunda is felling so much better and most of the packing is done so I will not complain but just thank God that it is as well as it is.
The contract on the house was signed and we are happy with the family that is buying the house. They are a beautiful young family.
We have only 5 more days in the house before we say goodbye to a home we have enjoyed so much. Well I must get up and finish the last bit of work. I wonder how will I feel on the last day we are here?
Our our new journey is near!!!!!  

Sunday, June 19, 2011

What is going on with my password?!!!!

 I am not one for too much patience and this pass word mess is really bugging me to the last piece of what little nerves I have left! Why do you have to reset your pass word every time you try to get on your blog, will someone with good sense glue me in.
Jewels' sleep over for her 5th birthday party went very well, all the 7 girls  were well mannered so all had a good time. Pizza, cheese sticks and children drinks were served in an orderly manner it was just the adults going crazy with all the chatter that was going on between the girls, I wondered to myself if I was that crazy to have a slumber party when my daughter was growing, come to find out I was! Those little girls could chatter more than old women sitting around gossiping.They did not get tired until I told them no more movies. Ashaunda had throw blankets and pillowcases with new pillows made for each girl along with a crown and bracelets. The theme was about princesses, everyone was a princess. Games were played and prizes were awarded the funniest was the girls trying to burst the pinata, Keawe had to burst it and he had to use some muscles, everyone really seem to have had a good time gathering up all that candy. They ended the next morning with a breakfast of  chilled  orange juice, hot eggo's with syrup and crispy bacon. They were all full of energy  and thanked us for inviting them and I on the other hand  was thanking God we adults survived!! We took 3 of the girls back to Tyler and Marshall Tex where a family reunion was being held, but it was a good time, all 24 hrs of it. Keawes' sister is in the reserves and she was training in Louisiana so we picked her up and will take her back tomorrow, or shall I say they will, too much riding for me, that let me know I am not what I used to be Oh yes Jewel had a small princess cake and cup-cakes for her guess and herself and ice cream all was good.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Many things going on!

 Well my nephew made it , he graduated from high school and will be attending college in the fall, but of course I forget the name of the college. He was a honor student. The graduation was held outside at the high school stadium and we had good seats and was able to see everything and everybody, boy did we see some bodies! I just wanted to cry when I saw what some of the students were wearing and could have slapped some of the older women. The men were almost just as bad, undignified is all I can say. I am proud to report that this class of 2010-2011 had  90% of the students already accepted to a College or University! The administration surprised them with a great firework show, it was wonderful. The graduates cheered and most of them cried  and the crowd (us) cheered like crazy. Ashaunda led the graduates to their seats she sure did look nice, by the way she won The Lamplight Award for the year, she had more than 50% of the votes, what a year for her.
Marianne when I wrote about the book that was written, it was not Ashaunda that wrote the book it was me, therefore she will not have to worry about the contract. Thank you so much for bringing that to my attention.
Have to be out of the house by June 28th so you know we are going crazy, will be glad when we get everything in order, no trash just clothes everywhere.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Ashaunda wanted to spend this holiday with her brothers so we all went to Marshall,Tex. where Byron and his wife Kourtney live. Darrick and his family came from Tyler, Tex. so she had her wish. We arrived about 2:30pm and Darrick about 30min. later. The party started and did we have a good time. We spent most of the evening sitting outside eating and drinking on the covered patio plus they had two fans on us and plenty of food that was prepared by Byron and Kourtney we also had plenty of soft drinks and bottled water, wine for those who wished something stronger. it was a wonderful day. Some of Kourtneys' family was also there, her mother who was a cook for years made a delicious pound cake,I should know because I had two slices, both with a cup of coffee.Darrick and his family left later that night and went back home.
 Some of us went to church with him in Tyler Sunday, which was our old home church, that was the first time we heard him play the guitar and we where shocked at how well he played! The message was delivered by First Lady Emma Granberry and she really did a good job. When service was over we went back to Marshall, and continued to enjoy ourselves.We arrived Sat. and returned home Mon.about 9pm. we had a good time!On the way home it hit me that we were all going to miss America when we make that move to UAE I got a little melancholy.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jewel's Graduation

Family from San Antonio came for the big day, after all how often do one go from Pre-k to Kindergarden while wearing a gray cap with tassel  and gown? We all had a good time and enjoyed our meal that was held in honor of the Grads and their Families. You all know my little angle Jewel was the prettiest one there, you can just bet on it. June 19,2011 was a very good day for the family, even her Auntie and Uncle attended the special occasion. June 20,2011 was another day for the Graduation people, we were all invited back to Fellowship Christian Academy for cake and ice cream and was able to recap the graduation they did not have to wear their cap and gown this time because they wanted the students to have a good time. Her parents took everyone out to dinner that Sunday evening, so we had a busy and fun weekend.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mothers Day

My daughter and I had a wonderful Mothers Day weekend. We both received a bouquet of flowers from Keawe and he told us he would get anything we wanted, he also told his mother the same thing. We went to San Antonio for an overnight trip so he could spend this last Mothers Day with her and we really had a nice time, we also saw his daddy and step-mother. Before leaving for SA we went to the baby shower and everything was nice, the food was good so were the games. We had to leave early because Ashaunda and Keawe had to chaperone the Senior prom that night. The little angles and I settled down for a quiet night (do you  believe that tale).

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What about the book?

I have not decided what to do about the book that I have written, titled What The Hell! I will get the copyright but it looks as if I will not get it published before we leave. I have been encouraged to get it published but it takes a dime or too, if you know what I mean. It took me almost 4yrs to finish this book and it looks as if it is going to take me another 4yrs to get it published, is that not a mess! I know that I am going to leave my family a copy and they will enjoy it because they are FAMILY. I will give it to them the week we leave the country, that's the way you do it. Anyway I will decide later what to do.
Will be going to a baby shower this Sat, I will be a new great auntie and I know we will have a good time.