Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Well, we are getting near to the begining of our new journey.

There are a lot of things I would like to complain about, but I realize it could have been worse, I know that because I had a talk with God this morning and he made me aware of my blessings like the fact that K1 survived his dual surgeries and doing okay, K2 was not hospitalized because of his very high cholesterol(it was beyond the pale as the old folks say), Jewel was able to have her birthday sleep over, I was able to have my dental work done without having too much oral pain and Ashaunda is felling so much better and most of the packing is done so I will not complain but just thank God that it is as well as it is.
The contract on the house was signed and we are happy with the family that is buying the house. They are a beautiful young family.
We have only 5 more days in the house before we say goodbye to a home we have enjoyed so much. Well I must get up and finish the last bit of work. I wonder how will I feel on the last day we are here?
Our our new journey is near!!!!!  

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